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By Gavin | August 25, 2019

I do several things in the lab just something up throughout, two things are going to just drop before they just come throughout the day. We'll have those someone asked about the Asessioning and I snap chat that every once in a while.

I'll follow me on snap chat and I'm going to try to show you real quick what we do as far as a session in the labs, and I can show you a little bit of that. Hopefully, I had to create something real quick.


What the accession screen looks like

We're going to imagine that this label is pretty much what the accession screen looks like, you can see that I'll try to make it just a wee bit larger, and we have what it says right there.

We get the patient's name, the accession number, the collection date goes in there, the collection time, your ID, and it'll also tell you what the order is, is it a CBC, CCP, comp? It'll say stat routine, all of our say stat, and event of any other specimens. 

It'll say stat routine, their time study, and then it'll say dispatch or receipt or something like that. What happens is we have an hour, this is a tube, and we scanned the tube.

What it tells you

Now a second ago, you notice there was nothing here, we're going to go back without the actual name, without showing you the actual name of the patient, the name does come up, so does the accession number, so does the container.

It tells you actually what color container it should be, it tells you the name of the test, it tells you the collection date, it tells you the collection time, and it also gives you the person's ID. That's random for like a nurse.

If they don't have an ID and if you can see right there was his priority, it says routine status, it has been collected the method, it was a venous draw, etc, and then lots of this information is going to be for processing when it does the processing.


Pulling the orders out and that sort of thing

We just put it in the system, so that someone will know that it has been collected. That's pretty much what our accessioning screen looks like, and that's how we get them in the system, and that's the tracking, that's how they're tracked.

Someone asked for that, I thought I would do that morning and everything else, this is done, the new folks come in all the time here on the channel, so they have to be up to date as to what's going on, I did ask for suggestions, you all gave them to me, so this was one I decided to go for that and that's about it.

I think that's all I have for this morning, we'll do some more stuff later, like I said, follow me on snap chat, because I get over here during the course of the day, and I can show you more, because I am upfront and I do the rep pulling the orders out and that sort of thing.

I have a session with a person

When I do get a moment I come back here and process even the urines and things like that, and help the young ladies. I don't think it busy, and I just a session, their work, that's how, and we'll do some more. We'll do some later, but right now I'm going to go ahead and clean this up, go ahead and get this post,

Today I'm not sure what's going to transpire, if you have taken this walk with me either, but this is where we take and I'm going to dump the urines, we have to put these somewhere and they go in here, and I get a little closet storage, as you can see. it's for trash.

We put all the trash in here, and the bins go in here as well, and they just magically disappear, I put it in here, now they'll come later today, but I know the next morning like tomorrow, of course, it's gone.

I'll show you all this area one day, this is a cool area, this is our eval area and their little waiting area right here.

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